Differentiated Instruction Resources
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Differentiated Instruction is composed of many Pieces.
Why is Differentiated Instruction such a hot topic?
It is THE bridge from Content to Learner.


  • Educators need many Pieces - different kinds of instructional and assessment strategies and a variety of differentiated resources that address the wide range of knowledge, ability levels, interests, and learning styles students bring to the classroom.
  • Teachers require a variety of research-based instructional strategies and resources for all students in order to meet benchmarks, Common Core standards, and to provide interventions, enrichment, and acceleration.
  • Strategies and materials must support the accountability component of educating students.


What are Research-Based Differentiation Strategies?
Accountable, teacher-tested instructional strategies that address a variety of student characteristics and promote student achievement.


  • One of the Pieces is Research-Based Instructional Strategies. These strategies differentiate Content, Process, and/or Product.
  • After pre-testing, Content may be remediated, accelerated, or enriched using basic or more complex resources. Examples of strategies are acceleration, compacting, flexible pacing, and introduction of more complex concepts.
  • Process is differentiated by addressing different learning styles, levels of thinking, and kinds of thinking. The content is not different. Teachers may use Bloom’s Taxonomy, Higher Level Questioning, CPS, Williams’ Taxonomy, etc.
  • Product is differentiated by addressing different learning styles and by providing choice in variety and different levels of complexity of products.
  • Other Differentiation Strategies


What are Differentiated Resources?
They are resources that address the wide range of knowledge, ability levels, interests, and learning styles students bring to the classroom and that address different instructional strategies.


One of the Pieces offered by Pieces of Learning is a wide selection of differentiated resources especially designed for the Differentiated Classroom including:


Once I have the Strategies for Differentiated Instruction and Differentiated Resources – Where is the “How-To”?

Pieces of Learning’s Professional Development Presenters


  • A final Piece is highly qualified Staff Development in Differentiated Instruction.
  • For 23 years our expert presenters have explored with teachers Differentiated Instruction in the content areas. They present the practical application of those strategies and differentiated resources so teachers can walk into the classroom the next day ready to begin Differentiated Instruction. Meet our Presenters.


Other Differentiation Strategies


Acceleration Curriculum Compacting
Flexible Grouping Literature Circles
Mentoring Contracting
Independent Study Telescoping
Problem-Based Learning Learning Centers
Tiered Instruction Tic-Tac-Toe Choices
Differentiated Assessment Brain Compatible Learning
Collaborative Learning Project Based Learning
Inquiry Based Learning

Creative Problem Solving



More Differentiated Resources

On-Site Staff Development Consultants/Speakers

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